Week 15th to 20th February

Fri 15/2 Girls in Clonaslee.
6.00pm U/12(2) Girls V Clonaslee

Sat 16/2 in St Mary's hall.
11.00am U/16(1) Girls V Kikenny
1pm to 3pm Kids Academy
4.15pm U18 Girls V Clonaslee
5.30pm U16(1) Girls V Clonaslee

7.30pm Ladies NL vs Ulster Elks

Boy's away in Clonmel, (Rockwell college)
2.00pm, U/16 Boy's V South Tipp Titans

Girls away in Tullamore
1.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Tullamore.

Sun 17/2 in St Mary’s Hall

3.30pm Mens NL vs Tolka Rovers

5.30pm Ladies Green v Tullamore

Girls away to Kilkenny.
(Venue: Loreto Girls school)
09.45am U/14(1) Girls V Kikenny
11.00am U/14(2) Girls V Kikenny

Girls away in Athlone,
11.00am U/12(2) Girls Athlone V Portlaoise
12.15pm U/12(1) Girls Athlone V Portlaoise

Mon 18/2 in Kilkenny.
7.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Kikenny

Wed 20/2
Girls away in Muchlagh
6.00pm U/12(1) Girls V Tullamore

Also Boy's away in Kilkenny.
8.00pm U/16 Boy's V Waterford Vikings

*E&OE Fixtures are subject to change

Fintan Kennedy
Week 4th to 10th February

Tues or Wed??
Girls away in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/18 Girls V Kilkenny Stars - To be confirmed:

Fri 8th/2 in St Mary’s hall
8.30pm Men’s Black v Kestrels

Sat 9/2 in St Mary's hall.
10.00am U/12(2) Girls V Ballyroan(1)
11.00am U/12(2) Girls V Ballyroan(2)
3.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Ballyroan(1)
4.15pm U/16(2) Girls V Ballyroan

U/14(1) Boy's away in Clonmel,
2.00pm U/14(1) Boy's V South Tipp Titans.

Womens National League away in UL Arena, Limerick
7.00pm Womens NL v UL Huskies

Mens National League away in Colaiste Éanna
7.00pm Mens NL V Eanna Basketball .

Sun 10/2 in St Mary's hall.
10.00am U/12(2) Girls V St Laurence.
1.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V St Laurence.
2.15pm U/18 Boy's V Clonaslee.
3.30pm U/12(2) Boy's V St Laurence.
4.45pm U/16 Boy's V Kilkenny
6.30pm Ladies Black v Heywood

U/10 Boy's & Girls Blitz in Kikenny

Fintan Kennedy
Week 22nd January to 3rd February

Tues 22/1 in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Wildcats.

Sat 26/1 in St Mary's hall.
5.00pm U/16 Boy's V Tullamore
6.15pm U/18 Boy's V Tullamore.

Also away to Kildare Gliders,

12noon U/12(1) Boy's V Gliders(1)
1.15pm U/14(1) Boy's V Gliders(1)
2.30pm U/12(2) Boy's V Gliders(2)

Sun 27/1 U20 Women HulaHoops National Cup Final
12:00 Panthers v DCU Mercy

Mon 28/1 in Kilkenny.
8.00pm U/13 Boy's V Kilkenny.

Thur 31/1 Girls away in Colaiste Cholim,
7.15pm U/14(1) Girls V Tullamore


Fri 1/2 in Tullamore
8.30pm Ladies Black v Tullamore

Fri 1/2 in Athone;
6.00pm U/18 Boy's V Athlone

Sat 2/2 in St Mary's hall.
11.00am U/16 Boy's V Old Leighlin
3.00pm to 5pm U/10 Boy's Blitz.

Panthers NL Women v Maree (6.00pm)
Panthers NL Men v Dublin Lions (8.00pm)

U/18 Boy's away in Clonmel,
2.00pm U/18 Boys V South Tipp Titans.

Sun 3/2 in St Mary's hall.
10.00am U/12(1) Girls V St Laurence.
1.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V N Kildare.
2.15pm U/14(1) Boy's V N Kildare.
3.30pm U/12(2) Boy's V N Kildare.

Also in Portlaoise College;

10.00am U/12(1) Boy's V Old Leighlin.
11.15am U/16(1) Girls V Carlow
12.30pm U/18 Boy's V Kestrels

Also in Clonaslee,
4.00pm U/18 Girls V Clonaslee.

Also in Old Leighlin
5.00pm Mens Green v Old Leighlin

Fintan Kennedy
Week 16th to 20th January

Wed 16/1 in Kilkenny.
7.00pm U/12(1) Girls V Wildcats.

Fri 18/1 in Cholaiste Choilm Tullamore,
7.00pm U/14(1) Boy's V Tullamore
8.15pm U/14(2) Boy's V Tullamore

Also In Old Leighlin
9.00pm Men’s White v Old Leighlin

Sat 19/1 in St Mary's hall.
11.00am U/14(1) Boy's V Athlone.
4.15pm U/14(2) Girls V Kestrels.
5.30pm U/12(1) Girls V Tullamore.

7.30pm Womens National League v Swords Thunder

Girls away in Tullamore,
11.00am U/12(2) Girls V Tullamore

Sun 20/1 in St Mary's hall
1.00pm U/18 Girls V Tullamore.
2.15pm U/13 Boy's V Old Leighlin
5.00pm Mens Green v Kestrels

Also in Kilkenny
U/10 Boy's & Girls Blitz in Kilkenny.

Fintan Kennedy
Week 10th to 13th January

HulaHoops Cup Semi-Final Weekend Cork

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 – Mardyke Arena UCC

Hula Hoops Under 20 Women’s National Cup semi-final

Liffey Celtics v Portlaoise Panthers, 10.00

Hula Hoops Under 20 Men’s National Cup semi-final

Portlaoise Panthers v Dublin Lions 12.00

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 – Neptune Stadium

Hula Hoops Women’s Division One National Cup semi-final

Portlaoise Panthers v Ulster University Elks, 20.00

Sunday, January 13th, 2019 – Neptune Stadium

Hula Hoops Under 18 Men’s National Cup semi-final

Portlaoise Panthers v Belfast Star, 11.00

Sun 13/1 in St Mary's hall.

2.15pm U/14(1) Girls V St Laurence

3.30pm U/16(1) Girls V St Laurence

4 45pm U/16(2) Girls V St Laurence

Fintan Kennedy
Week 5th to 9th January

Games have been confirmed,

Sat 5/1 in St Mary's hall.

3.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Multy Lakers,


U/14(1) Boy's away in Old Leighlin (Carlow) @ 4.00pm.


Ladies National League v St Marys (Castleisland) at 6.30pm

Sun 6/1 in St Mary's hall.

1.00pm U/12(2) Boy's V Kildare(1)

3.30pm Mens National League v LYIT Donegal


Boy's away to Ballyroan.

10.00am U/12(2) Boy's V Ballyroan.

11.15am U/14(1) Boy's V Ballyroan.

12.30pm U/12(1) Boy's V Ballyroan.

1.45pm U14(2) Boy's V Ballyroan.

(Note; U/12(2) boys have 2 games on Sunday, 1 in Haywood, 1 in St Mary's)

Tues 8/1 away in Clonaslee.

8.00pm U/18 Boy's V Clonaslee,

Wed 9/1 in Portlaoise College.

7.00pm U/14(2) Boy's V Old Leighlin.

Fintan Kennedy
Weeks 12th to 31st December

Some fixtures may not be finalised and are subject to change.

Wednesday 12/12 in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Waterford Vikings


Thursday 13/12 away in Clonaslee
6.30pm U/14(1) Girls V Clonaslee
7.45pm U/18 Girls V Clonaslee


Friday 14/12 in St Mary’s Hall
7.30pm Ladies Black V Kestrels
9.00pm Mens Black V Kestrels

Also away in Athlone (The Bower)
7.00pm Men's Green v Athlone


Saturday 15/12 in St Mary's Hall
12:30 - 2.30pm Kids Christmas Party
3.00pm U/18 Boy's V Tipp Knights 
4.15pm U/12(1) Girls V Carlow
5.30pm U/14(2) Girls V Old Leighlin 

7.30pm National League Ladies v Limerick Celtics

Also away in St Leo's Carlow 
1.30pm U/14(1) Boy's V Carlow

Also away in Athlone
1.45pm U/14(1) Girls V Athlone


Sunday 16/12 in St Mary's Hall
1.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Kilkenny
2.15pm U/13 Boy's V Castlecomer
3.30pm Free

Venue: St Marys
7.00pm National Cup U20 - Mens v Limerick Lions

Venue: Castleisland
2.30pm National Cup U20 - Ladies v Castleisland


Also in Old Leighlin
8.00pm Mens White v Carlow Rock

Monday 17/12 in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Wildcats


Tuesday 18/12 in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/14(1) Girls V New Ross

Also in Clonaslee
8.15pm Ladies Green v Clonaslee


Wedneday 19/12 in Kilkenny
8.00pm U/16 Boy's V Tramore

Also away in Clonaslee
8.00pm U/16(1) Girls V Clonaslee

Wedneday 23/12 in Colaiste Iosagain
8.30pm Mens White v Kestrels

Sunday 30/12 in St Marys

3.30pm National League Men v Ballincollig

Next Juvenile Games: 5th January
Next National League Games: 5th January
Next Senior Midland Games: 13th January

Fintan Kennedy
Week 4th to 9th December


Tues 4/12 in Kilkenny

8.00pm U/14(1) Girls V Wildcats

Fri 7/12 in Leixlip Amenities

HulaHoops National Cup - Quarter Finals
8.00pm U18 Girls v Liffey Celtics

Sat 8/12 in St Mary's Hall

3.00pm Free
4.00pm U/14(1) Girls V Kilkenny
2.45pm U/16 Boy's V Old Leighlin

Boy's away to North Kildare
9.30am U/12(2) Boy's V North Kildare
3.30pm U/12(1) Boy's V North Kildare

Girls away to Ballyroan.
2.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Ballyroan(1)
3.15pm U/16(2) Girls V Ballyroan
4.30pm U/14(2) Girls V Ballyroan(2)

Boy's away to North Kildare.
12.15pm U/12(1) Boy's V N Kildare,
2.35pm U/12(2) Boy's V N Kildare

Sun 9/12 in St Mary's Hall

12.00pm U/14(1) Boy's V Comer
1.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V Kestrels
2.15pm U/14(1) Boy's V Kestrels
3.30pm U/12(2) Boy's V Kestrels
4.45pm U/14(2) Boy's V Kestrels

Also away to Ballyroan
11.00am U/16 Boy's V Ballyroan
12.15pm U/18 Boy's V Ballyroan

Also away to St Laurence
12.30pm U/12(2) Girls V St Laurence

Also away in Baltinglass
1.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Baltinglass


Wed 5/12 in St Mary's Hall

Midlands Cup
8.30pm Panthers Black v Panthers Green

Sat 8/12 in St Mary's Hall

Mens National league
6.00pm Men v Waterford

Sat 8/12 in Ballyshannon

Hula Hoops Women’s Division One National Cup: 

6.00pm Fabplus North West v Portlaoise Panthers, Ballyshannon

Sun 9/12 in St Mary's Hall

6.00pm Ladies Green v Kestrels
8.00pm Portlaoise White v Litpol

Sun 9/12 in Limerick, St Munchins

Mens National league
3.00pm Limerick Celtics v Panthers

Fintan Kennedy
Week 26th Nov to 2nd Dec

Juvenile Games

Wed 28/11 in Portlaoise College,
8.00pm U/14(1) Boys V Old Leighlin

Sat 1/12 in St Mary's hall.
11.00am U/12(2) Girls V Clonaslee.
3pm to 5pm U/10 Boy's Blitz.
5.00pm U/16 Boy's V Kestrels

Girls away to North Kildare.
2.15pm U/18 Girls
3.30pm U/14(1) Girls
4.45pm U/12(1) Girls

Hula Hoops National Cup
Venue St Marys
7.00pm Panthers V Kubs

Sun 2/12 in St Mary's hall.
12.00 Free
1.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V Ballyroan.
2.15pm U/14(1) Boy's V Ballyroan.
3.30pm U 12(2) Boy's V Ballyroan.
4.45pm U/14(2) Boy's V Ballyroan.

Senior Games

Sun 2/12 in St Marys
7.00pm Ladies Green v Ballyroan

National League Games

No National League fixtures for our teams this week

Fintan Kennedy
Week 19th to 25th November


Mon 19/11 in Kilkenny.
7.00pm U/12(1) Girls V Kilkenny
8.00pm U/13 Boy's V Waterford.

Tues 20/11 in Kilkenny.
8.00pm U/14(2) Girls V Wildcats.

Sat 24/11 in St Mary's hall
11.00am U/12(2) Girls V Athlone.
3pm to 5pm U/10 Girls blitz.
5.00pm U/16 Boy's V Athlone.
6.15pm U/18 Boy's V Athlone.

Also in Clonmel.
2.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V South Tipp Titans.

Sun 25/11 in St Mary's hall.
1.00pm U/12(1) Boy's V Athlone.
2.15pm U/14(2) Boy's V Athlone.
3.30pm U 12(2) Boy's V Athlone.
4.45pm Free

Also in Old Leighlin (Carlow)
1.30pm U/14(1) Girls V Old Leighlin


Sun 25/11 in St Mary's hall
7.00pm Ladies Black v Ballyroan

National League

Sat 24/11 in Belfast, Methodist College
4.30pm Phoenix Rockets v Panthers Women

Sat 24/11 in Killarney
7.30pm St Pauls v Panthers Men

Fintan Kennedy
Week 12th to 18th November

Fixtures are not completely finalised, please check back again before travelling.


Tuesday 13th November in Kilkenny.
9.00pm U/18 Girls V Wildcats.

Also in CBS School Thurles.
7.00pm U/13 Boy's V Tipp Talons.

Wednesday 14th November in Kilkenny.
8.00pm U/16 Boy's V Waterford.
9.00pm U/18 Boy's V Waterford.

Saturday 17th November in St Mary's hall.
11.00am U/12(2) Girls V Tullamore.
3.00pm U/12(1) Girls V Athlone.
4.15pm U/14(1) Girls V Athlone.
5.30pm U/18 Boy's V Gliders.

Also in St Leo's Carlow
11.00am U/14(2) Girls V Carlow.

Sunday 18th November in St Mary's hall.
1.00pm Free
2.15pm Free
3.30pm U/16(1) Girls V Comer.

Boy's away to Tullamore.
9.30am U/12(1) Boy's.
10.30am U/16 Boy's.
12.00pm U/12(2) Boy's.
1.00pm U/18 Boy's.

U/10 Boy's & Girls Blitz in Kikenny.


Sunday 18th November

Venue: St Mary's hall
Ladies Green v Tullamore Orange at 5.00pm
Men's Green v Carlow Rock at 7.00pm

Venue Old Leighlin CC
Men's Black V Old Leighlin at 6.00pm


Saturday 17th November

Venue: IT Carlow
Mens NL vs IT Carlow at 12:30

Venue: Calsanctius College, Galway
Womens NL v Maree at 5.00pm

Fintan Kennedy
Week 5th to 11th November

Monday 5th November
Venue: Old Leighlin (Carlow)
7.00pm U/16 (Black) Girls V Old Leighlin
8.15pm U/18 Boys V Old Leighlin

Tuesday 6th November
Venue: Kilkenny
7.00pm U/12 (Black) Boys v Waterford

Wednesday 7th November
Venue: St Marys
8:15pm Ladies Green v Tullamore Phoenix

Venue: Kilkenny.
9.00pm U/18 Girls V Kikenny

Venue: Thomastown
7.15pm U/16(Black) Girls V Berkeley

Saturday 10th November
Venue: St Mary's hall
1pm to 3pm Academy
3pm to 5pm U/10 Boys blitz
5.00pm U/16 Boys v Gliders
6.00pm U/12(Black) Girls v Baltinglass

8.00pm Panthers Men v Fr Mathews (National League)

Venue: Letterkenny
3.30pm Panthers Ladies vs Fabplus North West (National League)

Venue: Kestrels
12.00pm U/12(Green) Girls v Kestrels
1.15pm U/14(Green) Girls v Kestrels
2.30pm U/16(Green) Girls v Kestrels
3.45pm U/18 Girls v Kestrels

Sunday 11th November
Venue: St Mary's hall.
10.30am U/12(Green) Boys V Gliders(2)
11.45am U/12(Black) Boys V Gliders(1)
1.00pm U/12(Black) Boys V Gliders(2)
2.15pm U/14(Black) Boys V Gliders(1)
4.00pm Panthers Mens Mix v Ongar Chasers (NICC Cup)

Venue: Multyfarnham
11.00am U/14(Green) Girls v Multyfarnham

Venue: Limerick St Munchins College
1.00pm Panthers Men v LIT (National League)

Fintan Kennedy
Week 29th October to 4th November

Fixtures for this week are still in progress, please check back as they are finalised.

Monday 29th October
Venue: Kilkenny
U/16 Boys 14 Kilkenny 30

Tuesday 30th October
Venue: Clonaslee
8.20pm Ladies Blacks V Clonaslee (Midlands Cup) 

Wednesday 31st October
Venue: Kilkenny
8.00pm U/18 Boys V Kilkenny (Time to be confirmed)

Boys U18 National Cup 2018-19 Qualifying Tournament
Venue: St. Mary’s Hall

Saturday 3rd November
10:00am Ongar Chasers v Liffey Celtics BC
11:30am Killorgin v Waterford Vikings
1.00pm Liffey Celtics BC v Drogheda Bullets
2.30pm Waterford Vikings v Portlaoise Panthers
4.00pm Ongar Chasers v Drogheda Bullets
5.30pm Killorgin v Portlaoise Panthers

Sunday 4th November
10:00am Runner Up Pool 1 v Winner Pool 2
11:30am Runer Up Pool 2 v Winner Pool 1
2.00pm Winner 10.00am v Winner 11.30am

Girls U18 National Cup 2018-19 Qualifying Tournament
Venue: St. Fintan’s Sutton

Saturday 3rd November
10:00am DCU Mercy v Tipperary Knights
11:30am Tullamore v Portlaoise Panthers
1:00pm Tipperary Knights v St.Mary's
2:30pm Portlaoise Panthers BC v Killester BC
4:00pm DCU Mercy v St.Mary's
5:30pm Tullamore v Killester BC

Sunday 4th November
10:00am Runner Up Pool 1 v Winner Pool 2
11:30am Runner Up Pool 2 v Winner Pool 1
2:30pm Winner 1000 v Winner 1130

Also Sunday 4th November
Venue: Baltinglass
12 noon U/14 Girls Black V Baltinglass

Venue: Old Leighlin(Carlow)
12.30pm U/12 Girls Black v Old Leighlin

Venue: St Mary’s
5.00pm Panthers Men v UL Eagles (National League)
7.00pm Ladies Black v Heywood

Fintan Kennedy
Week 26th to 31st October

Due to the election/referendum and count, St Mary’s is not available to us this weekend. There will be no training taking place on Friday and there will be no Academy training taking place on Saturday. Apologies to all for any inconvenience or disappointment. 


Saturday 27th October 

Venue: St Leo's Carlow
U/12 (Black) Boys 43 Carlow 5 (Result)

Sunday 28th October

Mens National League 
Venue: Ballincollig C.S
Ballincollig 91 Portlaoise Panthers 66 (Result)

Venue: Kidare Gliders
U/12 (Green) Boys 5 Gliders 32 (Result)
U/12 (Black) Boys 66 Gliders 4 (Result)
U/16 Boys 33 Gliders 31 (Result)
U/18 Boys 58 v Gliders 37 (Result)

Fintan Kennedy